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Waggle Terms and Conditions 1. Definitions: - ‘Lister’ – an authenticated Waggle member promoting a job for completion on www. waggle.co.nz ‘Listing’ – a job posted on www.waggle.co.nz by the lister to be completed ‘Provider’ - an authenticated Waggle member who can accept the listing to complete and carry out the job ‘Website’ – www.waggle.co.nz 2. Welcome: - Hello and welcome to our website, www.waggle.co.nz. We have a vision to be the number one website in New Zealand where you can list nearly any job to be outsourced. It is an easy way to get the job done, or earn some extra money. We advise that you read these Terms and Conditions and all of our policies carefully, to ensure you have a safe and pleasant experience using our website. All other Waggle policies form part of these terms and conditions. 3. Accepting our terms and conditions I. We create these terms and conditions for our Waggle members with safety and security being paramount. These terms and conditions we have created on our website are provided to allow our members to use our website with peace of mind. When you sign up as a member of Waggle it is implied that you accept the terms and conditions. II. Because of the evolving nature of our website, occasionally we will amend these terms and conditions. Any change we do make we will make via an announcement on our website. These changes will be effective immediate but we will try our best to give Waggle members two weeks notice to view the

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