A Note On Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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I think college athletes should be paid because statistics show college athletes spend an average time of 43.3 hours a week dedicated to their sport and team. They kind of are working a full time job but in sports.

Another reason is, paying students would make the sport more competitive; it would rise the level of performance and they might work even harder at their sport.

Also, the money earned from athletics is not automatically reinvested in education and research. Unfortunately, most vast revenues taken in by college athletics programs every year do not go directly to the classrooms of the University.

The fourth reason why I think college athletes should be paid is, colleges recruit top talent in Academics and in sports because of the status and frame of their sports teams. If you can fill the stadium with fans, surely you can fill the University with paying and giving a little of that money to the athletic student who play a sport.
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Also, the NCAA is a 11.5 billion dollar industry. College athletes deserve some of that. I do think college athletes should be paid, but one thing that questions me is, they already are getting their college paid for or partly paid for, which is basically their payment, but I think they deserve just a little payment for playing and representing their team, sport, and college would make a difference in their upcoming lives.

Just to be clear I do think college athletes should be paid. Those are just a few reasons why I think college athletes should be
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