A Note on Outsourcing and Offshoring

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Outsourcing and Off-shoring: Outsourcing in a strong economy does not encounter similar level of option and political pressure as compared to a weak economy. As the economy unraveled in 2007-2009, the outsourcing of American jobs generated huge discussion and resistance. Notably, before the economic distress public discussions and debate basically revolved around the exportation of third world labor force and child labor. Since the global recession, discussions and debates regarding outsourcing and off-shoring have primarily focused on bringing back jobs to the country in attempts to lessen the high rate of unemployment. For instance, Apple Inc. is being pressured to bring the manufacturing of their computers back to the United States due to the paradigm shift. Off-shoring is not a concept and practice that should be left to backroom accountants or high-priced consultants with promises of quick profits and spreadsheets. This is mainly because it generates mission-critical concerns with the potential of affecting the survival of the entire company, whole industries, and eventually the economy. In the past few years, several American companies have been involved in off-shoring and outsourcing some of their operations, especially manufacturing operations. For example, Boeing outsourced the manufacturing of 787 Project worth billions of dollars. This project was characterized with several problems that contributed to the postponement of its delivery schedule at least seven

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