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SIDPERS SIDPERS Bug in program A bug refers to a system fault in the computer program. Bugs are traceable, and most computer users remove bugs from the system to avoiding crashing. The process by which the viruses are removed from the system is referred to as debugging. Effects of bugs on a computer can be extremely solemn in that they major glitches to its functioning. Having a bug in a program can root to stern damage to a firm's system or lose of vital information about a super project. With bugs in developed software then there comes plenty of problems. Bugs cause communication failure in the system since the computers might fail to function appropriately. This affects several functions in an organization since most organizations depend on the computers for execution of tasks and commands. Bug is an outcome of unrealistic improvement timeframe, poor design logic, poor coding skills from the developers of software and making changes final minute. Not being able to log in systems With bugs in the system, there ought to be security measures that will enable the correction of the system. These are programs developed to protect systems from unauthorized personnel. At one point, they guarantee security, but when the main administrator is unavailable then it means lots of resourceful information will not be accessible. They create a bridge amid to various areas. Only a limited number of people are able to access systems that are restricted from unauthorized personnel.

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