A Novel System For Improving Transportation Safety Essay

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A NOVEL SYSTEM FOR IMPROVING TRANSPORTATION SAFETY G.RAJENDER G.NARESH M.Tech Student,EEE, Asst.Prof,EEE, Aarushi Engineering college, Aarushi Engineering college, Warangal, Telangana, India. Warangal, Telangana, India. Mail.id: gopaganirajendar88@gmail.com Mail.id:nareshsce@gmail.com ABSTRACT: Whatever the best safety safeguards, children, due to their inadequate capabilities to guard themselves, may result in occasions that jeopardize their existence (e.g. crossing the road without getting to pay for concentrate on traffic. This paper presents a means to watch pick-up/drop-from youthful children to improve the safety of youngsters through the daily transportation back and forth from school. The device includes two primary models, a bus unit plus a school unit. The device features a developed web-based database-driven application that facilities its management while offering useful particulars concerning the kids to approved personal. Riding on the bus unit the device may be used to identify each time a child boards or leaves riding on the bus. This publish is communicated for the school unit that identifies which in the children did not board or leave riding on the bus
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