A Novice Manager’s Tale of Woe

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A Novice Manager’s Tale of Woe Synopsis: The case study starts off by introducing Tricia Monet and how she was hired by the company Personal Reflections as an assistant manager for the Sioux City Store. Tricia was a middle child that had come from a family that was very close. (Note: this probably led/taught her to want to get along with those around her) Tricia had received a bachelor’s degree in accounting and her only real work experience had come from an accounting firm job that she worked for less than one year. The organization had a very structured hiring and training program, however the company lacked any formal ongoing/follow-up training program. Personal Reflection hiring practices included not allowing the store manager…show more content…
387) In this case Tricia failed to establish a clear understanding of roles between herself and her subordinates. This directly led to the assistant managers breaking the chain of leadership by contacting the district manager without consulting her first. The district manager should make very clear of the expectations (norms) of the employee’s loyalty and dedication toward the store manager and also explain clearly the expectations of the store manager’s loyalty and dedication to the employees. For example, Employees should consult the store manager prior to changing the part-time employees work schedule. In return the store manager should ensure that each assistant manager should be provided fair and consistent evaluations on their performance. * As the district manager, she should inform all employees that they are to report directly to Tricia in all matters concerning store operation. The district manager should also inform the employees of the formal process for reporting problems/concerns. If the organization has no such policy, then the district manager could introduce a policy that explains what time of complaints can be lodged (harassment, discrimination, theft, and violence) and how they should be reported (hotline, drop box, or open door policy). (Spiro, 2010) When discussing a long term solution, I recommend solutions that involve creating a formal training plan within the organization specifically for managers. This plan should

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