A Nuanced Understanding About Gender And Development

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As specified for the purposes of this course, this “infinity of traces” can be thought of as a personal record or archive that has shaped my identity.
Given the course’s broad topic theme list, the critical inventory items, I chose to develop a nuanced understanding about, are based upon my personal experiences.
Specifically I am addressing, from a personal perspective, how the topics of gender in work, global reconstructing, masculinities and economic transformations, and reproduction have indirectly/directly affected me physically, psychologically and ultimately led to the metaphorical silencing of my sexual abuse. The accumulation of events caused by gender and development were critical for shaping my understanding and beliefs about gender roles.
Since this course specifically deals with international and intercultural issues, a brief cultural heritage of my Dominican/Puerto Rican parents has been included.
Course Topic Theme List
Domestic Work/Care Masculinities/Economic Transformation (**)
Gender Work and Global Reconstructing (** ) Physical Abuse Sexual Abuse
Psychological Abuse Sexual Abuse New Reproductive Technologies (**)
Gender, Farm, Work and Agribusiness Previous parameters effects
Microfinance and Entrepreneurship (unplanned pregnancies)
Sex Tourism
Familial Historical/Cultural Context
Dominican Father (DOB: 1974)
Marrying with only a high school diploma, my mother worked to put my father through 1 year of college. He never…
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