A Number Of Aristocratic Class Women And Men Opposed Suffrage Rights

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A number of aristocrat-class women and men opposed suffrage rights for female in order to protect their own economic standings. Individuals from this particular social class were owners or high ranking officials of industrial corporations and textile factories in the urbanized northeastern region of US. They faced economic losses because the labor unions would push for local to state reforms by taking striking actions to mend any mistreatment that they experienced. Thus, this aristocrat-class perceived the suffrage movement as threat because if women achieved the right to vote, then as a citizen of the nation─ she has the legal right to push for reform in her working place. It is essential to note that majority of the leading members of the labor unions were men who were not as interested in advocating for women 's position in working grounds. Moreover, the anti-suffragists viewed women 's enfranchisement as a threat because the suffragists promised that voting rights would directly lead to an increase in the wage that women were paid. The corporate owners would hire young women between the ages of seventeen and twenty-four and pay them lower wages than their male peers. This implies that women 's voting right would only endanger the economic standings of the aristocrat-class women and men. Aristocrat-class women anti-suffragist, formed organizations to create a support system that was composed of the individuals from their own class. "Massachusetts Association
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