A Number Of Studies And Researches Showing The Improvement Within The Protocol Of Wireless Sensor Networks

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CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE REVIEW A number of studies and researches showing the improvement in LEACH protocol of Wireless Sensor Networks. 2.1 Literature Review Heinzelman et al. (2000) [1] Based on their findings that the conventional protocols of direct transmission, minimum-transmission-energy, multihop routing, and static clustering may not be optimal for sensor networks, proposed LEACH (Low-Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy), a clustering-based protocol that utilizes randomized rotation of local cluster base stations(cluster-heads) to evenly distribute the energy load among the sensors in the network. LEACH uses localized coordination to enable scalability…show more content…
Energy LEACH protocol improves the choice method of cluster head and multihop LEACH protocol improves communication mode from single hop to multi-hop between cluster head and sink. Chen et al. (2007) [5]proposed a novel clustering associating algorithm, known as Energy Residue Aware (ERA)clustering algorithm, to prolong the lifetime of a sensor network by balancing the energy consumption of the entire network.ERA enables each sensor to associate its cluster head to find a path with maximum energy residue sum instead of a path with the minimum energy consumption as many energy efficient routing protocols have been proposed in sensor networks for different scenarios and various applications in literature. One of the efficient way is to group sensors in the neighbouring into clusters and send aggregate data by a designated cluster head. However, such design discipline still can not balance the energy consumption of the entire network. As such, in worst cases, some nodes may be soon exhausted. Consequently, it is difficult to provide effective operation and seamless coverage in such a network. Cheng et al.(2008) [6] proposed an energy efficient, weighted clustering algorithm which improves the cluster formation process of LEACH by taking residual energy mutual position, workload balance and MAC functioning into consideration.WSN is extremely energy limited, the traditional network routing protocols are not suitable to it. Energy conservation becomes a crucial
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