A Nurse 's Personal Beliefs

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A nurse’s personal beliefs, understanding of the nursing meta-paradigm, and adhesion to the provisions of nursing ethics, are the basic backbone in being an effective partner in patient care. Coupled with mindfulness practice and emotional intelligence, this nurse will also be able to address their personal needs and effectively communicate with their cohort. A well-rounded nurse has the best chance of being an effective caregiver. My belief when it comes to understanding the principles of therapeutic presence, the nursing meta-paradigm, and nursing ethics is that all aspects of an individual must be examined in order to administer effective care. This means going beyond taking a medical history and also involves discussing with the patient their beliefs about their current condition and their opinions regarding treatment. I believe that this holistic approach will strengthen rapport between patient and provider, and also increase the success of any regimen of treatment. The model of human health that most closely fits with my personal health beliefs is the biopsychosocial model. Like my beliefs, the biopsychosocial model incorporates a number of factors into understanding illness in a person, namely the biological, psychological, and social factors that affect them. This model emphasizes the need to understand all parts of a person to treat the whole, and can be applied in all aspects of the nursing practice. The philosophy of therapeutic presence puts a strong emphasis on
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