A Nursing Plan for Pain Management

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Nursing Plan The overall depth and breadth of interventions are hampered by two major things. First the patient is unwilling or unable to assist in their own care and the family (the daughter) is apparently not realizing that the patient is clearly on the verge of death for a number of reasons (hence the suggestion of hospice). Even if the daughter refuses to go that route, the focus remains on reducing pain as much as possible more than the patient "getting better" as this is clearly beyond the capabilities of modern medicine due to the protracted nature of the patient's issues combined with the fact that they are in very rough shape even if that were not the case. One intervention that should occur if possible is to lower the blood pressure of the patient as it is alarmingly high. It's only in the Hypertension I stage and it's stable, but anything above 140 is bad news and anything approaching 160 is worse news. Some form of medication to lower that would be an ideal solution given the situation. Also, an antibiotic (or more than one) to keep the infections at bay should be continued or modified as necessary as not keeping on top of that will get the patient killed quite quickly. Another intervention is pain management up to and including any reasonable but not over-aggressive treatment of pain related to the wound and other bodily issues the patient has. It probably will not make the patient any more agreeable or willing to aid in their own care, but there has to be a
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