A Nursing Process Approach to Malignant Melanoma

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Nursing Process Approach to Malignant Melanoma To fully comprehend the concept of the nursing process, one must first understanding what nursing is and the history of nursing. Nursing has evolved over the years from a basic system of care to a well-developed professional system in which special ways of think are applied in order to efficiently maximums patient care. The base of nursing is patient care, thus the nursing process is the foundation for nursing practice and key to ensuring the needs of the patient are met. History What is nursing? Florence Nightingale, first nursing theorist, defined nursing as having “charge of the personal health of somebody … and what nursing has to do … is to put the patient in the best condition for…show more content…
It involves the use of the mind for rational thinking to formulate conclusions, making decisions, drawing inferences, and reflecting on one’s thoughts. Critical thinking in nursing is driven by the needs of the patient, family, and community while basing it on the principles of the nursing process and the scientific method (Wilkinson, 2007). It is a skill that is obtained through specific knowledge, and experience gain over time as a nurse matures in the field. The nursing process and critical thinking are closely related. This is because the phases within the nursing process require cognitive processing in order to analyze and evaluate the data. Critical thinking by itself revolves around the individual knowledge and their way of thinking. In other words, critical thinking is good problem-solving strategies an individual picks up with practice. However, the nursing process is structured, complex and purposeful disciplined process that directs nurses in patient care. The thinking process requires specific characteristics that make it far different from just simple problem- solving as seen with just critical thinking tactics (Chitty & Black, 2007). The nursing process is guided by professional principles and codes of ethics where specific strategies are utilized in order to effectively solve patient problems. It is constantly being reevaluated, self-corrected, and constantly
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