A O Neville

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Does the movie present Mr. A. O. Neville as a liberator or as a jailer? The Australian movie “Rabbit Proof Fence” presents a sensational story about three half-caste young girls who escape from the settlement Moore River where in which they were abducted and taken to. The movie reveals the racism that took place between white Australians and Australia’s Aboriginal people. The movie clearly portrays Mr. A O Neville as a racial activist. Mr. A O Neville did what we thought was right. He did what the law said and carried it out the best he could. It can be said that Neville tried his best to improve the conditions in which the people lived, but there is clear evidence that he never tried to improve anything. Neville always put himself, the…show more content…
They could not protect their children from the government or the police. Mothers constantly worried that soon the day would come that they would not see their children again. The movie undoubtedly depicts Neville as a bad person, or a jailer. The movie was unmistakably emotional in that the young children were powerless. The children had no escape from their fate. Their fate is decided by Neville. The movie compels the viewer to be in the shoes of the three little girls. It feels even more realistic, because these traumatic events are based on a true story, not a fictional one. The viewer can feel the pain, anguish, and anger that not only the girls feel, but their families too. The viewer has empathy for all the families involved. Compassion builds up for all the horrible scenes that have took place. With all of this understanding, there is only one person the viewer can look to and blame. That person Is Mr. A O Neville, the Chief Protector of the Aborigines. Like “The Rabbit Proof Fence”, the Holocaust was very much blamed on Hitler, the man in charge, where Neville is the person in charge of this act of disgrace on people, and much of the blame was on him for the most part. There are a lot of ways that “The Rabbit Proof Fence” relates to the Holocaust. When anyone views movies about the Holocaust, it is made clear that Hitler is a very bad person. The same can be said for “The Rabbit Proof Fence” and Mr. A O Neville. We can
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