A Observation Of My Observation

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At the beginning of my observation, the lightbox was a center that always had a child in it. The children do spend a significant amount of time (about 10 minutes or more) in this center, building things that are color see through. However, whoever was in this center spends a large amount of time in it, since it’s a small space as well it 's limited to two children at a time. It gets less attention than the other centers in the room. Later on in the end, of my observation period, it got less attention. I believe it was a result of newer things that were introduced in the classroom that took the attention away from this center. Another issue, it’s located in an area that 's almost hidden away in the back of the room in a corner. The children would have to get through the other centers or areas on the way to the Lightbox. It could be possible the children’s interest changes on the way there seeing another child playing in another center that looks more appealing. I would recommend changing the material in this center weekly or bring in new materials to freshen up the center and to renew interests from the children.

This area always has at least one child at it at all times. The children really enjoyed feeling things with their hands. The times that the sensory area was less populated depended on the materials that were used in the sensory tub. When it was things like small toy balls, baking pans, and tongs it was a dry and clean activity. When it’s an…
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