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A Disguised Miracle As I’m sitting on the bus, on my way to Red Bank Regional High School halfway through sophomore year, I began to think what brought me here. Here I am, a boy of 15 who went to private school his whole life and now is attending a public school, not knowing a single soul. All I could think about was, “What brought me here”. Let me take you back about a year from sophomore year. It was the day before Valentine 's Day; I remember because I got into a discussion about getting my mom Valentine’s Day flowers with my dentist. Earlier that day at Red Bank Catholic, I was joking around with a frenemy, making jokes with each other about each of us having our own hit list, in religion class no less. Like most things, I tend to have taken it too far and attached the whole stupid idea to my world domination plan (an inside joke), discussing the whole thing with my best friend at lunch. Little did I think about who might overhear me, or that my friend’s friend whom I disliked, and made no secret of it, was sitting right beside her. To my surprise, he next day I was called to the principal 's office where I was informed that I was suspended, with the possibility of being expelled. I felt the whole world crashing down on me, as if it was sucked up into a black hole never again to be able to see the light. What made the matter even worse is that I had gotten into trouble with the vice principal on multiple occasions in the past. When I first arrived at Red Bank

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