A Of Grace, A Film Directed By Joshua Marston

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Yishan Chen April 12 2016 PUP 200 Immigration and Information Dissemination Maria Full of Grace, a movie directed by Joshua Marston, illustrated a series of social issues, and there are two important planning issues that come to people’s attention. The first one is the immigration problem and the second is information dissemination. The dramatic increase in immigration in recent years has received a great amount of attention throughout the world. It has profound effects in both homeland and host countries, and many factors should be taken into consideration such as social, political and economic reasons. Moreover, information dissemination plays an important role in modern society. Efficient methods of information dissemination increase the chances that people are exposed to a wide variety of information.Several distinct reasons can be cited to explain why people choose to immigrate. First of all, pursuing a better living standard is widely recognized as the primary reason. Higher standards of living and better future anticipations force people to search for a better life. Immigrants often received a low quality accommodation and residential area in their homeland. Also, they have no opportunities to access education such as top-class universities, colleges and schools. Take an example from movie Maria Full of Grace, in which a Colombian girl named Maria works in a flower plantation. Because she needs enough money to support her family, she quits her job and takes a risk to
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