A Of The Sun Is A Play Written By Lorriane Hansberry

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A Raisin in the Sun is a play written by Lorriane Hansberry. The play was highly influenced by events that happen during her childhood. Lorriane family moved into a white neighborhood and was threated countless of times to move out. It was so serious that they family had to go to the Supreme Court so they could overturn the decision and allow the Hansberry to live in a white neighborhood, this case made it that no white residents could push Africans Americans out of their neighborhoods. What is the meaning of the title? Does it have a deeper meaning? Lorriane Hansberry was actually influenced by the poem Langston Hughes wrote, A Dream Deferred. She used a line in his poem, for the title of her book, although there is not one raisin in the play you can see many dreams being deferred. Langston poem ask us a question on what happens to our dreams when they do not become reality. Walter had a dream on providing for his family rather than having to work everyday for the whites, rather he would like to own his own business. While his dream could have been fulfilled, Willie ran off with all of their money. The younger families have a dream on overcoming racism and owning their own house. They want to get out of poverty and with the insurance check they received they were able to fulfill one of the dreams. It does not have a deeper meaning than that. Identify the setting’s historical significance. The book was written in the 1950s and it portrays the modern times as age of

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