A Office Director Of Organizational Policy And Governance

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While servings as the Deputy Director of Organizational Policy and Governance (OPG), within the office of the USPTO CIO. The USPTO is a regulatory agency that employs around 12 thousand personnel, in which 70% telework, and has a budget of around 3 billion annually. The Office of the CIO employs around 500 federal and 600 contract personnel. It has a budget of around 500 million annually with 300 million dedicated to software development. One of the duties of the directorate is the operational oversight of all USPTO systems and applications. This oversight is independent of the application development directorate and the infrastructure support directorate, to ensure a check and balance exist. When I first came on board in 2012, the major patent and trademark applications were experiencing serious issues with design reliability and operational issues at the infrastructure level. Concurrently during this timeframe, OPG had been assigned the task of holding business review meetings with leadership of Patents and Trademarks. These meetings were requested by the customers to facilitate concerns between the customer leadership and the CIO. It was clear after attending the meetings that the customers were very unhappy and the meetings always ended with customers being either unhappy about application development, or current operations of their business applications, typically the conversations centered around downtime or outages. In summation, the meetings were not always
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