A One-day Stress Test Using Technetium-99m

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In reality though, the heart is the most complicated vital organ that we have. It does in fact keep you alive and plays a certain roll when your dealing with emotions, but its purpose is so much more than anyone realizes when it comes to our body. It helps regulate our body and its systems to keep us moving and healthy in our day-to-day lives. So when having to deal with a nuclear cardiac study to test its function and anatomy, it is something that can be just as complex when providing a proper data for diagnosis for your physician. You want to ask yourself three vital questions: What is the best protocol, How do we prove to our physician this is the best one, and what is best for the patient outcome? I am writing about how using the çc-99m Tetrofosmin (Myoview) and the information being provided will cover all these questions. Although some of Myoview's facts have stated some disadvantages, for instance its extraction fraction being fifty four percent and other having a higher outcome. I am writing about the protocol use of a one-day rest and stress study using Technetium-99m Tetrofosmin, because of the many advantages it that it does make for a better choice over the other protocols out there.
As said in the previous paragraph I have chosen the One-Day rest and Stress study…
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