A Orphanage Trips By Aussie Schools Are Doing More Harm Than Good

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In ‘Orphanage trips by Aussie schools are doing more harm than good’, published in The Conversation, Karleen Gribble argues to Australian Private School administrators to not allow students volunteer in orphanages because they are detrimental to the orphans wellbeing. While only sent to complete building or maintenance work, these students regularly end up becoming a part of the children’s lives only to abandon them end of the trip and another round of students to become the always changing presence of caregivers. Children need the permanence of a constant caregiver to make sure they develop emotionally and psychologically normally which they do not receive at orphanages. Without one particular caregiver to bond and care for their wellbeing, the children in the orphanages are easily taken advantage of or abused. Orphanages lead to the mistreatment and disregard of children when keeping them with their families or foster care is cheaper and better for their wellbeing. The donations are used to give a great education to the children, although because the standard is better than most people in the area children are abandoned at orphanages to give them a better chance. Some parents are persuaded to give up their children by individuals who want to take advantage of the foreign donations. Children learn ways to gain attention from adults which leads to them being seen as joyful and openness. This misperception leads students to gain a superficial knowledge of the children’s

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