A & P By John Updike And The Things They Carried By Tim OBrien

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The two short stories used in this comparison are “ A&P” by John Updike and “The things they carried” by Tim O’Brien. Both stories deal with the feel of impotence, loss, shock and both characters fantasizes with a girl during the time of the Vietnam War. I will show some similarities and contrasts in the settle and how it affects the plot But. Also, the characters of each story. Both are similar in the motivation of the character towards on girl and the differs in how the settle affects the plot because as both stories takes in the same place, the plot differs in how the characters act. The characters motivation between the two stories is similar, each character fantasies with a girl . In “The things they carried” Jimmy Cross fantasizes…show more content…
Now, in “The things they carried” The setting is a key aspect of the plot too. This is story by American novelist Tim O'Brien, about a platoon of American soldiers in the Vietnam War. It is based upon his experiences as a soldier. This short story takes place in the trenches of the Vietnam war. The items carried by the soldiers show us they were in battle and fight, they had missions to carry out. “Military payment certificates, C rations, and two or three canteens of water.” ( Tim O’ Brien) The author did a good job of drawing personalities to different characters by the way and sometimes shocking things they would each carry. A good example of this would be the character Ted Lavendar, in " The things they carried". The intensity of war was too much for him and he used some kind of drugs and get dope to carry the things done. The reader can imagine his rattled nerves and mental state. As we can see in the story “ Ted levander, who was scared, carried tranquilizers until he was shot..” ( O'Brien). Also in “ A&P” we can perceive a drastic change in the personality when the main character saw the girls in that sexy bath suits. He was to be quiet doing his work, to be hypnotized and to change his attitude towards his boss negatively quitting his job thanks to the beauty of the girl as he said in the story: “ yes i quit” ( Updike). Then, another similarity is that in both stories the main character is the

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