A & P By John Updike

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A & P is a story of Sammy who is a 19 year old boy working as a clerk at a grocery store in a small town in New England. Published back in 1961 narrative defining A & P is the popular mythology of 1960s basically where youthful rebellion powers took over the soulless system. (Sustana) Therefore Updike has written a story that includes key elements of myth along with the background of postwar prosperity and the attendant consumer culture. Where there is a strong hint of the Cold War as hero character of the story, Sammy imagines A & P controlled by Russians in 1990. Narrative revolves around the obligatory opposition of authority and youth in the confrontation between Lengel, girls and Sammy. Story provides particular significant indicators of the 1960s seismic social upheavals in the shape of inappropriate dresses of the girls. Girls walking in revealing bathing suits depicted the immodesty around the A & P and remained a forerunner of various confrontations over public decency of the resultant decade ahead. To analyze ‘A & P’ by John Updike, one has to fully understand the purpose of story which has been portrayed in first person Narration. Many people are of the view that for a first narration, voice of the story should be reliable as a narrator. Hence the main character of the story who remains the first narrator is Sammy. Author has created a voice for Sammy that keep altering from sharp wit to common slang with prominent casual intention and rhythmically description.

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