A & P By John Updike

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In John Updike’s story “A & P”, depicts a middle-class town. This short story focuses on the feelings of loneliness and isolation that lead the common man to seek some form of higher truth or ultimate meaning. The story relates to a teenaged boy 's sudden awareness of the split between his inner feelings and society 's values. I could kind of relate and get gist of what the narrator was feeling throughout the story. In this story, Sammy was an unreliable narrator, and the point of view was first person. It was told from Sammy’s point of view. This was most interesting and beneficial to me, because I like the thought of having an unreliable narrator because it is not thought on to be used mostly. An examination of critical styles represented in John Updike’s provides numerous perspectives for critical interpretation. His descriptive metaphors and underlying sexual tones are just the tip of the iceberg. With the use of his descriptive metaphors, it gave me some ideas on how descriptive that I needed to be in order to achieve the sense of imagery that I needed. The economic and social differences are evident through Sammy’s storytelling techniques and even further open up a biographical look at Updike’s own view’s and opinions. This story is all about the setting. If the story had not took place in a grocery store the story could not have happened the way it did. I feel like the setting was one of the most important part of the story to make the story what it was. John
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