A&P- Critical Analysis

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Name: Eyad Jalal Class Name: COM1102 Submission Date: 5/15.2011 I have chosen to write about the short story "A&P." The story takes place in 1961 in a small town of New England, which has a small grocery store named A&P grocery store. The town contains very less population. From the setting, I came to a conclusion that the town was a very low maintenance town where everybody knows everybody (very tight community) with mostly old school beliefs and structures (religious beliefs, dress code, ethical values, morals). The town was visited by tourists for a very short period of time, who come to live for a while and can be said that they disturb with their own outside culture. The main character Sammy is nineteen, works or was working as…show more content…
As the place was very small, even the opportunities of employment I think would be very difficult and if Sammy leaves his job for the silly reasons explained, the total life of Sammy would be in trouble along with their family and their financial status. I chose this story for the fact that the story imposes the mistake most of the people do in their life just by taking unreasonable decisions which don’t have any advantages but affects the life of the individual and sometimes their related people very badly. The mistakes can be categorized into unfortunate mistakes, but their effect shown in very near future. The mistakes done make us deny how one event leads to another and also shows the carelessness out actions are while doing things. The story ends by making Sammy realise of how his life will change after his unreasonable decisions taken with no thought imposed on the decisions. The story tells a moral that “the decisions taken with stupid reasons may not have immediate results but will have huge effect on life in near future”. The moral is very near to the butterfly effect, which explains that hurricanes are in even possible far away from where the butterfly flaps its wings. We can only hope that Sammy never repeats his mistakes he made on this day knowing nothing of what would happen if he does it for the women he doesn’t even
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