A & P: a Story About Growing Up

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Jon Borges
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March 17, 2006

A & P: A Story About Growing Up

Written in 1956 by subject narration author, John Updike, "A&P", presents the story of a nineteen-year-old boy, Sammy, who over time comes to realize the painful reality of life. Sammy, who despises his insipid job as a checkout boy, works at the local "A&P" mini-mart. Undoubtedly, having worked there for much to long, Sammy, finally says enough is enough, and quits his job. This story 's theme revolves around a teenage boy 's transition from boyhood to early adulthood, and the gradual change in three of his main character traits from: imaginative to practical, conservative to experimenting, and non-assertive, to assertive. Young Sammy almost certainly began his
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Upon Mr. Lengels beleaguering of the girl, the climactic scene plays out as following:
(Mr. Legel) "Did you say something, Sammy?" (Sammy) "I said I quit." (Lengel) "I thought you did." (Sammy) "You didn 't have to embarrass them." (Lengel) "It was they who were embarrassing us." (Sammy) "I started to say something that came out Fiddle-dedoo." I don 't think you know what you 're saying," Lengel said. (Sammy) "I know you don 't, I said." "But I do" (Updike 226).
With that, Sammy takes off his bow tie and apron, and walks out of the store feeling a new kind of freedom that only someone who stands up for what he believes in can feel. In closing, "A&P" delivered to me a sense of nostalgia of my own life experiences. I share an understanding of many of the same situations, which Sammy endured while growing into a young man. This story tells of a standard for most teenage middle-class lives in America, and how the come to grow and mature. "A&P" had an indelible impact on my life, and will remain in my heart forevermore. Na, jus joke!

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