A&P by John Updike

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“A&P” by John Updike is a story about a boy who learns that all actions have consequences. In “A&P” three girls walk in to the store A&P in nothing but their bathing suits. Sammy one of the stores cashiers describes what the girls are wearing and what they do throughout the story. The girls walk up and down the aisles catching the attention of many of the other customers. The girls then get in line at Sammy’s checkout, the manager Lengel walks up and tells the girls they will have to leave this is not the beach. Sammy gets mad at Lengel for tell the girls to leave, so he quits his job. Updike’s theme for this short story, is coming of age and the fact that life throws curve balls and you cannot always make the best decisions in those situations. Updike’s story is developed using character development, setting and point of view.
Updike develops his character Queenie by having Sammy explain to us what she is wearing and what she is doing. We learn that she is the leader from Sammy “She kind of led them, the other two peeking around and making their shoulders round” (Updike 142). When Sammy is describing the bathing suit she is wearing we know that it’s a dirty-pink and that she does not have the straps over her shoulders. When the girls go to checkout Sammy finds out that they are buying herring snacks for Queenie’s mother, which makes Sammy think that she is from a wealthy family. Towards the end of the story we get the since that Queenie is losing her confidence as she

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