A Pacemaker And Its Purpose

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A Pacemaker and Its Purpose
Nikki Fauver
Mississippi State University A Pacemaker and Its Purpose
Introduction to Pacemakers The blood flow through the heart is a complex process that is sometimes disturbed. These disturbances can be a heart attack; heart disease; atrial fibrillation; arrhythmia, when the heart beats too fast; or bradycardia, when the heart beats too slow (“Who Needs a Pacemaker?”, 2012). When these disturbances occur, doctors usually turn to pacemakers in order to help manage the symptoms. According to the Nation Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, “a pacemaker is a small device that is placed in the chest or abdomen to help control abnormal heart rhythms (“What is a pacemaker?”, 2012).”
Production Process Pacemakers are not assembled in a single step, but in a series of steps to be put together after all parts have been constructed. A pacemaker consists of a battery, leads, and a motherboard. The battery is made using lithium and iodine. The iodine is mixed with a polymer, and this mixture is then heated until it has formed a charge-transfer complex. This is then poured into half-moon shaped cell that contains a lithium anode and a cathode collecting screen. The iodine polymer cools and forms the cathode. The battery is then sealed to become water-tight. After the battery is made, the leads, made of metal alloys, are formed. The wire is made by heating the metal to a molten temperature then pressing the metal into a certain sized hole.
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