A Pale Grass Blue Butterfly 's Wings Flit

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A Pale Grass Blue Butterfly’s wings flit through the forest outside Pripyat, Ukraine. With its pulsating wings, there is something eerie in the air. Except for the sound, the butterfly doesn’t sense the peculiar aura as he skips across the pallid landscape. Not the presence of sound, but the lack of sound; not tranquil, but chilling. Life here seems to be covered by an impenetrable film of gray; melancholy extending the entire thirty-kilometer radius around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The struggling butterfly aligns itself with the dismal scenery to create an abhorrent disparity. The butterfly also provides a startling metaphor. Just as the wings beat to the theoretical concepts of the butterfly effect, so do the repercussions of the Chernobyl disaster. With every pulse comes a new tragedy, extending perpetually into the future for “at least 20,000 years” (Harrell 1). Today, nuclear power is considered a potential alternative to fossil fuels. Nuclear power generation should cease immediately because previous incidents have already caused irreparable damage, catastrophes are inevitable, and nuclear power is not a viable long-term source of energy.

Previous nuclear accidents have already caused irreparable damage of which the data has been distorted. The Chernobyl meltdown created an infinite number of complications as previously illustrated by the wings of our Pale Blue Grass Butterfly. Impact analysis varies greatly from organization to organization, and
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