A Paper Dungeon: My Quest Through Honors American Literature

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A Paper Dungeon The sound of blades colliding echoes through the dark caverns. Monstrous shrieks of pain and deafening battle cries all combine to create the sound of the battle. A lone adventurer stands stalwart in the face of evil, parrying blows and returning with lightning speed to end even the stoutest of enemies. He continues to fight even though he is clearly outnumbered. His valiant hold of his position forges fear in the very souls of some of his opponents, but not all are so easily disheartened. The forces of darkness continued to rise against the single man, and he fought as hard as he could and it seemed he could go on forever. Suddenly he is struck from behind, and while not falling there, he is severely weakened. Severing…show more content…
I could usually write the model sentences and use the instrument we were learning, but I knew not how to find such a thing. I never took it upon myself in any earlier language arts classes I took to learn what any of the sentence composing techniques were called or how to identify them, which lead to many a stumble over parts of the packet. Overall, I did learn some new tactics to make a sentence or paragraph more interesting depending on how and where I could place my words. With another opposition defeated by my graphitic blade, I moved on to find something more challenging waiting in store. A nasty swing had landed and slashed his back, but the strength of his plate armor was not that easily overcome. He shrugged off his slight wounds and marched on deeper into the cave. The next room he was to come across, however, would not be so forgiving. A mighty orc warrior surrounded by a few undead minions prepared for combat as they heard the dying screams of their companions from up ahead. They knew a new adventurer was coming, and it was just in time to sate their never ending hunger. Grammar packets came as a rude awakening to some of the difficulty that is an advanced class. Not only did the seemingly endless packets test what I already knew and take an exceptionally large amount of time to complete, they also showed me how much I really did not

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