A Paper On Tattoo Culture

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Maddie Edwards Humorous Discourse Foundations Paper Tattoo Culture When defining a term it first has to be understood, which is why American studies can be incredibly difficult to define. Although using different ways of studying popular culture, in this case tattoo culture, a better understanding of American studies can be formed. Specifically by using the ideas of researching context to understand the time and surrounding area, self- reflexivity to understand how oneself is affected by this, and studying how the material and visual cultures of everyday lives. Tattoos are one of these forms of popular culture, and the culture surrounding tattoos exemplifies many of the characteristics of American Studies. When studying tattoo culture context is significantly important, because a majority of the time this art form means something to the individual. As Nash Smith discusses literary analysis only gives us part of the information that is necessary in understanding where ideas stem from and how they became relevant. He also talks about how “the informations gathered from these sources needs to be interpreted in the light of a thorough knowledge of class structure, of the stratification of taste according to levels of sophistication, and of the different audiences in which different magazines and publishing houses addressed themselves.”1 While tattoos are not regulated by publishing houses and different magazines it is still helpful to interrupt them based on the environment.

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