A Paper on Britain's Security Position

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Introduction Britain's place in global politics and how this is set to change over the next decade. This briefing paper will concentrate and focus on Britain's Security Position. Today, Britain faces a different and more complex range of threats from a myriad of sources. These include terrorism, cyber-attack, unconventional attacks using chemical, nuclear or biological weapons, as well as large scale accidents or natural hazards. In this briefing paper, we will discuss what Britain's distinctive role should be in the coming years, the future about all of these and how can the UK get prepared. We will suggest strategies for UK security over the next decade and the role that Britain has to play in the modern world. This will include the UK's strategic approach and the UK's commitment to collective security via a rules-based international system and the UK's key alliances, notably and with the United States and through effective and reformed international institutions to include NATO as the anchor of transatlantic security and the UK's vital partnership in the European Union (EU). Analysis While David Cameron is the present prime minister of the UK, he is carrying on many of Gordon Brown's policies, albeit in a tighter fiscal environment. In the last ten years since 9/11, terrorism has been much more of a threat to British security and will continue to be as stated in The National Security Strategy of the United Kingdom: Update 2009 , "Instead of taking offensive
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