A Paper on Security in Cloud Computing

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The Security of Cloud Computing System enabled by Trusted Computing Technology Zhidong Shen International School of Software, Wuhan University, Wuhan, China, 430079 zhidongshen@163.com Qiang Tong School of Software, Northeastern University, Shenyang, China, 110004 qiang.tong@163.com Abstract—Cloud computing provides people the way to share distributed resources and services that belong to different organizations or sites. Since cloud computing share distributed resources via the network in the open environment, thus it makes security problems important for us to develop the cloud computing application. In this paper, we pay attention to the security requirements in cloud computing environment. We proposed a method to…show more content…
There are also lack of some mechanisms to register and classify the participants carefully, such as the tracing and monitoring for them. In the following section, we will analyze the challenge for the cloud computing security in deep. B. The challenge for the security in cloud computing In cloud computing environment, many users participate in the CLOUD and they join or leave CLOUD dynamically. Other resources in the cloud computing environments are the same too. Users, resources, and the CLOUD should establish the trustful relationship among themselves. And they will be able to deal with the changing dynamically. The CLOUD includes distributed users and resource from distributed local systems or organizes, which have different security policies. According to this reason, how to build a suitable relationship among them is a challenge. In fact, the requirements for the security in cloud computing environment have some aspects, including confidentiality. multiple security policy, dynamic of the services., the trust among the entities, dynamically building trust domains. In the next section, we will propose the mechanism of trusted computing platform and other related functions that aid to achieve the trusted cloud computing, which has a trusted computing environment. III. TRUSTED COMPUTING TECHNOLOGY A. Trusted Computing Technology In recent years, increased reliance on
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