A Paradigm Change The Way Your Role / Function Operated On A Day

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1. Articulate a paradigm change in the way your role/function operated on a day to day basis. How did you react and what were the keys to your success in adapting to the change, if in fact you were able to? Throughout my professional life, I have had many opportunities to work at various companies with different technologies. As a result, I have had to adapt to significant changes extremely often. The most recent change I experienced was when I was working at BlackBerry, when I was working in the device section and one day, I was told that I was moved into the automation group. I had only worked at BlackBerry for half a year at this point and just as I was becoming familiar with my system, I was asked to change. The new department involved the use of many internal tools that I had never seen before. However, in all honesty, I was quite happy to change, knowing that I had a lot of time to learn about these new tools. In my opinion, the more different areas you deal with, the more knowledge you gain; the more knowledge you gain, the more you will enjoy your work. After my 3rd year of work, I was again asked to change and spend 60% of my time working on performance testing. This new area included large simulation systems with 2 labs, 64 VMs, and many integrations that required a lot of time to learn. By the end, performance testing allowed me to work with devices, portals, automation, payments, databases, and performances. The additional opportunity allowed me to be
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