A Parent 's Role On Child Development

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When people become parents, few understand that the role of a parent changes, and evolves as their child grow. Their new job begins with cuddles, diaper changes, late night feedings and sleep depravation. It is during this time, a bond is made, making the child - parent relationship, one of the most special relationships in their lifetime. In no time at all, they watch their child experience the terrible twos, and the first day of kindergarten. They watch them grow through school, where they will make new friends, go on dates and get their driver 's license. During this time, the parent role adjusts to their child 's needs, giving support, guidance and love along the way. During infancy, a parent 's role is that of nurturer and provider. It is a parent 's primary function to respond to the needs of the child. They are responsible for the everyday care of the infant, such as eating, diapering and bathing. From these day to day interactions, parents and child start to shape a relationship, teaching the child how to socialize. (n.d.) This is the child 's first relationship, and as theorist Bowlby and Ainsworth posited, the tone of this relationship will influence all future relationships. (Roisman & Groh, 2011) When a child becomes a toddler and a preschooler, they begin to assert their desire for independence. Now that they are mobile and verbal, they can communicate their likes and dislikes. It is during this time a parent begins to offer direction, social organization
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