A Part Of The Cupcake Palooza Family

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I would like to start by stating that I am thrilled to be a part of the Cupcake-Palooza family. I appreciate your trust and belief in me to lead the new team at the Monroe WI bakery. I look forward to developing a productive and successful team that will achieve the company’s vision. Concocting the right blend of team members for the new bakery is much like creating the right recipe for the prefect cupcake. It starts with hiring the right people that fit the company’s beliefs and more importantly, the right attitude, personality, core values, and a desire to belong to something greater then themselves, their team. The next step is to “train employees in a practical, accurate understanding of the natural behavior of the business in which…show more content…
For instance, a manager that humiliates an employee in front of their peers has lost more than that persons respect. Besides the act being unprofessional and unproductive, it creates a barrier between us all. It also engages unhealthy emotions, such as anger, loss of confidence, and embarrassment. Employees no longer have ambition to strive for maximum performance because they feel abused, neglected, and unappreciated. Subsequently, it causes employees to badmouth and backstab one another, and in turn increases production errors, employee absenteeism and higher turnover rates. I personally experienced this negative behavior while serving in Iraq. While performing correctional duties one night at a detainee encampment, the Sergeant in charge sent me back to the barracks early. I had no sooner got to my room than I realized I still had the duty station keys. I went back and handed the keys over to him, at which point he began verbally abusing me in front of my peers and the Iraqi detainees. He then proceeded to punish me by having me perform push-ups in front of everyone. Was I in the wrong? Yes. His decision to humiliate me in front of my peers was bad enough, but losing face in front of the detainees I guarded was even worse. Likewise, as we carve respect in the workplace we also desire recognition for our work. Therefore, another way of getting employees to follow is to recognize their accomplishments,
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