A Particular Leadership and Character Building Experience

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A particular leadership and character building experience I would like to highlight is my 5-year participation in the Southwestern Company Sales Program while in college from age 16 through 20. As Independent Dealer and Student Manager, I successfully surmounted the obstacles distinctive of the program such as selling door to door; organizing my own business; working at least 75 hr. a week every week of the summer; recruiting, training and motivating my own team; and, at the same time, overcoming the language and cultural barriers. The obstacles I had to face at the age of eighteen were so difficult that very few people in the company thought I would overcome them. But, I proved them wrong, and in recognition of my achievements, I received awards such as: the “Sizzler's Trip Award”, granted to student dealers with high level of sales during all summer; the “I Wanna Win Award”, won as a result of the level of sales during the last two weeks of the summer; “The President's Recommendation Award”, won for recruiting, motivating and training the largest Mexican Group in the 100 plus Company´s at age 19; further awards such as “The Salesman Ship Award”, “The Gold Seal Award”, membership in “The President's Club” and other recognitions.
The experience of selecting, training and organizing the group in Mexico and preparing them to travel and work for a summer in the U.S. was very challenging. I had to organize meetings with more than a hundred university students, interview them
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