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A Passage to India

A Passage to India entails various social criticisms and political matters that are among the human race. The setting of the story takes place in India where the British have colonized the city of Chandrapore. The British had no respect for the native culture and race that inhabit this region even thought they were the original inhabitants.

Miss Quested and Mrs. Moore begin their passage to India in order to attend the marriage of Miss Quested. Miss Quested plans on being united in marriage with Mrs. Moore’s son Ronny Heaslop. Excitement abounds the two women on their new adventure.

Their first night in India, Ronny Heaslop takes Mrs. Moore and Miss Quested to the “Club”. This club is a private club for the British
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Thus began their passage into India.

Not to far along, a party is planned for Mrs. Moore and Miss Quested. A few native Indians are invited. The party turns out to be a flop. The British and the natives separate themselves from each other and nobody communicates to one-another. Similar to the small dances we use to have as kids. The girls would sit on one side of the room and the boys on the other and no one with enough courage to ask the opposite sex to dance.

Shortly after this disastrous party, Dr. Fielding, principal of the College, invites the ladies to his house for tea. Mrs. Moore and Miss Quested insist Dr. Aziz and Professor Godbole attend. The small intimate party is successful. Both cultures came together. It brought joy to Dr. Aziz that he was able to find unity with the British. With the positive results of this first encounter of the two different cultures, Dr. Aziz believed that only more good things could come of the integration. He invited the entire group to a trip to the Marabar Caves where he could show the British a bit of his culture. It was the first step in a long road of multi-cultural society. Even today we still see effects of a multi-cultural society. We are a society that continues to forge into tomorrow admiring other cultures and trying to find commonalties amongst the differences.

We find Dr. Aziz going quite

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