A Passion for the Planet Case Study

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A Passion for the Planet Case Study 1. What role, if any, does McGregor’s Theory Y play at Patagonia? Explain. First, McGregor’s Theory Y is a modern and positive set of assumptions about people. McGregor believed managers could accomplish more through others by viewing them as self-energized , committed, responsible, and creative beings(Kreitner and Kinicki,2010, pg.8). According to the passage, “Patagonia’s philosophy is the handiwork of Chouinard....He helped pioneer modern rock-climbing techniques in his youth and now prowls the globe in search of outdoor adventures and product ideas...or advocating radical changes in the way Americans do business.” I conclude that the founder’s ability to do new things and being committed to…show more content…
Yvon Chouinard is a like the ‘typical’ 21st-century manager comparable to Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs. Patagonia is one of the many companies to see continous growth and improvement in their company due to not only the buying market but also the internal affairs such as the employer-employee relationship. 4. Which of the seven moral principles in Table 1-5 appear to be in force at Patagonia? Explain. The manager of Patagonia has definetely made steps closer to ethical decisions by applying some of the seven general moral principles. First, I feel the common good in the company’s goal which is ‘to produce the highest-quality products while doing the least possible harm to the environment’(Kreitner and Kinicki,2010, pg.30). According to the textbook, managers acheive the common good by benefiting the majority but protecting the individual, which absolutely describes Patagonia’s goal. Humaneness, concern for the well-being of others, is shown throughout the passage like ‘that’s after it donates 1% of revenues to environmental groups.....and ‘One popular perk is a program that allows employees to take off up to two months at full pay and work for environmental groups.’ Patagonia ‘offers an on-site day-care center at its headquarters and full medical benefits to all employees’ which is an example of the dignity of human life. The company respects that the employees have lives outside of work.
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