A Passionate Sermon At Church Essay

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Once during a passionate sermon at church, my pastor had made a vivid statement about incorporation of sin in law. Pastor Smith stated, “the world has developed loopholes to maintain its dignity by incorporating sin into the law, and as long as we are operating under the law, our actions are perceived as being justified”(Smith). Reflecting on his theory has brought me to the realization that the United Stated has established a profitable industry, governed by the creation and the manipulation of laws. Although, it’s ideal to believe that the standards of laws were truly orchestrated with the foundation of equality, justice, and freedom. It is imperative to be informed of historical events that has transpired through the history of the black race each operating under the ordinance of law. Beginning with the development of slavery, to the alarming rate of black men behind bars. I am compelled to present the clause of injustice that has labeled the United States as the home of 25% of the world 's prisoners ().
The United States of America accounts for 5% of the world 's population. This number depicted the actuality articulated by Van Jones, “one out of four human beings with their hands on the bars, shackled, in the the world are locked up in the land of the free (). His descriptive statement resonates far from being believable considering we are a nation that promotes itself as being a land of opportunity. However, these opportunities that are glamorized were not
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