A Patient Prayer Warrior And A Woman Defeated By Sin Essay

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A Patient Prayer-Warrior and a Woman Defeated by Sin Rebekah in Genesis and Monica in Confessions are both women who possess some admirable qualities of a Christian wife and mother. Augustine writes a beautiful tribute of his mother in his famous Confessions. We read about her humble character in Book IX. Here we see a glimpse of her kind, loving spirit and we learn more about her background growing up in a Catholic family. We are introduced to Rebekah in the Old Testament book of Genesis when she is sought out as a wife for Isaac. During this time, her character is briefly revealed, but it is not until later in the story that her personality is divulged and we see her greatest downfall. Although in the beginning they are both women of prayer and remain faithful in their marriages, they have very distinct personalities and handle situations very differently throughout their lives. Monica grows up in a strong Catholic family, but she does not necessarily credit her parents for bestowing in her the teachings she lives by. The family has a servant who is highly respected and has superior Christian character. It is through the example of this woman that Monica grows up into the servant of the Lord that she is remembered as by her son and others who were blessed to know her. As a child, Monica is often sent down to the cellar to retrieve wine for her parents. She begins to develop a habit of sneaking a small sip of wine each time she is requested to go down there. No one knows

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