A Patriarchal View Of Fetishism

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Freud presents a patriarchal view of fetishism, in a way that demonizes female genitalia and presents it as not only inferior but harmful to the male psyche. In Freud’s paper Fetishism (1927) he attempts to persuade physicians and laypeople alike of the purpose and origin of fetishism. Freud uses his experience as a physician to convince the reader of the relationship between castration anxiety and sexual abnormalities. He acknowledges that fetishes are often pleasurable or satisfying and it is, therefore, treated as a less important but relationally significant issue. No matter the varying spectrum of fetishes Freud concludes that they all lead back to trauma and the fear of losing the male phallus. Freud essentially argues that fetishism…show more content…
This intern causes an internal struggle and personal castration fears. A person then is forced to deal with their own cognitive dissidence. Essentially their mother’s penis is gone; it has been taken away and it is visibly evident. However, to acknowledge a mother’s missing penis endangers their own. Therefore, some men do not accept that a women has lost her penis. To cope with the introduction of this jarring information the male instead chooses to believe the phallus remains but in a different way, resolving the cognitive dissonance and resulting in a fetish. In fraud’s explanation, the female phallus is almost like a toy or favorite blanket a child refuses to give up. Just as the blanket protects a child from the horrors of the dark, a fetish insulates a male’s ego or perception of reality, to allow them to continue functioning normally and sexually. Freud’s entire argument centers on castration anxiety and discounts other aspects of sex and sexuality (desire, homosexuality as natural). According to Freud, fetishism essential develops out of cognitive dissonance and the need to reconcile two opposing views on the female phallus. The confrontation of female genitalia and the trauma imposed on the male psyche because of this event seem overly exaggerated. Freud is fundamentally stating that fetishism is a sexual abnormality caused by the exposure to female genitals or rather the lack of outwardly exposed genitals. It is also this sole event or
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