A Patriotic Hero- The Contrast

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Royall Tyler was an intelligent man, that although he wasn't specifically interested in writing dramatic fiction, has been claimed as the first to ever create an authentic American play. His ability to write clearly and professionally allowed the first American play to become a huge hit in it's time and still stands as one of the best drama's to read and watch today. This is seen in a comment made by Amanda Dollack, "this play offers a fantastic glimpse into the American culture during Tyler's time, while being universal enough to still be relevant even in our day. We can all relate to the characters and know people in our own lives who resemble these characters" (Dollack Web.). The dramatic composition "The Contrast" shows the audience a detailed connection to the historical background of early America and the influence of countries upon America and the citizens views of such. Ever since the making of the colonies of America, large city areas such as New York and Massachusets were idiolized as America's industrial and fashion capitals of the U.S. As such, influences from Great Britain and France were strong compared to other places in America. "The Contrast" shows how strongly an impact other countries had on America within the cities and how patriotism was slightly lacking. This was shown in the fashion of the ladies (Letitia and Charlotte), contrast of a city man (Jessamy) versus a man from the country (Jonathan), and the actions and words of a man well traveled (Mr.
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