A Pattern Of Death And Rebellion By Edgar Allan Poe

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The major events that happen in one’s lifetime can have a great effect on the owner of that life. For example, a person finding themselves constantly surrounded by liars can alter their ability to trust another individual in the future. We may not put much thought into how much detail our lives hold or how each action, word, and decision impacts us as well as others around us. According to those observing “unstable” lives, they might wrongly give an accusation of a person having a mental illness without truly knowing the hardships that person previously endured. These people more times than not have been labeled with titles such as bipolar, psychotic, or even intellectually disabled. Throughout the course of Edgar Allan Poe’s life, we have a great illustration of how such aspects of life mentioned above can have an effect on an individual along with those involved. Within the life of Poe, a pattern of death and rebellion is compared in his literary works that concludes the reasoning behind his progressive mental state caused by loss rather than simply giving a psychological illness the blame. As a result from the death of Poe’s mother caused by tuberculosis (called consumption then), it caused him to be orphaned before the age of three. According to an article, “5 Things You Didn’t Know About Edgar Allan Poe”, he gives an interesting fact stating, “[. . .] his class-act father responded to her death by abandoning Poe and his two siblings” (Trex, WEB). This major loss during
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