Essay on A Peaceful Evacuation

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The purpose of this paper is to explain what leadership style Lieutenant Colonel Yaron exhibited as the commander of battalion for the evacuation operations. This paper will give three examples of his leadership action and behaviors. This paper will also analyze the leadership style that Lieutenant Colonel Daniel exhibited and give three examples of his leadership action and behaviors. It will discuss the pros and cons of each example given. This paper will then compare and contrast the two Lieutenants and it will take a look at the interrelationship using Jung theory and the four personality traits.

Lieutenant Colonel Yaron
There are many types of leadership styles one can only imagine what type of
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This helped keep the lines of communication seamless so there should be no reason to wonder what Yaron wanted and how he wanted to do it. The cons in having this time of leadership in Yaron’s case is that there were many people that didn’t want to follow his plan at first. This could have caused people to rally up against him spread false word about him eventually driving him out of the position he was appointed to. Sometimes keeping information to oneself is half the battle won. Not everyone should know the cards that you hold in your hand. Yaron Him putting himself in the “battlefield” is great as far as experience is concerned. He was able to relate to the settlers and give that valuable information over to his battalion so they would be prepared. The best teacher is experience. The con of that could have been him being injured and now the army would have to find another leader to help the soldiers remove the settlers from Gaza. Being a leader at times means putting you self in harm’s way.
Lieutenant Colonel Daniel
Lieutenant Colonel Daniel style was that of consultative and participative leadership style. This is shown by Daniels working with a team of psychologist to help refine the guidelines for the evacuation project. He went through several think tanks to see what would work best for the mission at hand. Once he was able to find the best method he
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