‘A Peacemaking Approach To Criminology’ Was Written By

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‘A Peacemaking Approach to Criminology’ was written by Louis J. Gesualdi, and published in 2013. It contains a review of different writings, which relate to criminology. The main argument of Gesualdi lies in promoting a humane way of handling crime and deviants. The book proposes a peaceable way of dealing with offenders in a manner that accords respect to human rights. Further, Gesualdi notes that the criminal justice system is concentrated on inflicting harm on the offenders by punishing them. He argues that the system is fixated on the notion of reacting to crime rather than prevention. Hence, the book proposes an approach where restorative justice and prevention of crime can be accommodated in the criminal justice system. The main…show more content…
Additionally, the Gesualdi also mention various crimes that are covered under the ambit of white collar crimes. They include fraudulent activities at the workplace, dealing in unsafe products, lack of provision of safe working conditions and corruption (Gesualdi 41).
Another way in which Gesualdi exemplifies the definition of white collar crimes lies in the way he describes the scope of white collar deviance. He notes that the global economy is owned by a few people who give rise to various crimes. This is because of the power that they control over governments. For instance, the existence of few multinationals that control the economy lead to the rise of white collar crimes in the United States. This is due to the unfair and illegal economic practices adopted by the institutions (Gesualdi 42). In essence, Gesualdi is suggesting that white collar crimes include illegal and unfair trade practices. Since the organizations enjoy market monopoly they engage in activities such as price control, fraud and illegal advertising. Further, these firms have the practice of relocating their production plants to other cheap economy countries so as to avoid expenses and evade tax. All these actions, as Gesualdi suggests, amount to white collar crimes.
The government has also been mentioned as one of the places where white collar crimes are committed and as such included in the scope of the definition. Gesualdi
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