A Penny Saved

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A penny saved is a penny earned is one of the most well-known sayings in American culture, or, perhaps, used to be one of the most well-known sayings in America. According to Jenny Che, an associate business editor at The Huffington Post, America has a serious problem when it comes to financial literacy and the problem starts with the kids in the school system who are not being taught how to manage money. Che states in her April 2016 blog post titled, “America Is Not Teaching Kids How To Manage Money. And That’s A Problem,” that the United States was ranked far lower than most people would expect when it comes to financial literacy, and little is being done to resolve this issue. Through alarming observations and data, Che successfully makes her point: America is not integrating financial curriculum into their education system, and this must change. Although Che’s post is fewer than 500 words, she presents an impressive amount of well supported information. A large portion of her post focuses on recent studies and research to back her argument, building ethos. All of the sources have been published in very recent years, adding a consistent and current time period to her argument. She poses statistics such as the amount of debt American students have accumulated, the staggering number of people who are behind on their loan payments, and the small number of schools who are actively incorporating financial education curriculum into their system. She references an extensive
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