A Penny's Short Story: A Day At The Office

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Penny was beside herself. She had no idea what company it was or how it happened. Digging into her school paperwork she found the phone number. She called the school but Mr. Richardson had left for the day. When asked if there was a message Penny just said no that’s ok. As Penny worked on dinner more questions came to mind.

Mr. Richardson was the nicest person from the school. He always had time to answer her questions. When she was frustrated he was the one that she could talk to. When she came in beat up he never mentioned the marks or bruises. He always greeted her with a smile. His words were always supportive. He was the one that told her that she could accomplish anything she wanted to if she was willing to work for it.

Penny started to worry about her dress. It was the only one she had and she knew it was old and looked well worn. Timmy was working on dishes and Penny was not getting
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Richardson pulled into the parking lot and Penny was surprised. The building was gigantic. He told her this was Total Service Realty and it was the largest company in the area. Penny recognized the name. They walked down the hall looking at everyone. The pictures on the wall, the wallpaper, and fresh cut flowers really made the office look nice.

The secretary that delivered the invitation came in shortly after she sat down in the waiting room and handed her some paperwork to fill out. “Good morning Penny. My name is Cheryl and Mrs. Lang will be speaking with you shortly” she said. Penny completed the application as best she could. She had no references or any job listings beyond the cleaning.

Mr. Richardson was called out of the room. He looked at Penny and said “you have just as much right to this job as anyone else. I believe in you, you must believe in yourself.” He said he would be close by when the interview was over. Told her to take a couple deep breaths and try not to be nervous. Then just as quick as he spoke he was
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