A People 's History Of The United States Essay

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Female African Slave: In American colonial period, slavery also plays the important role because it displays the extreme actions of men dominance over women. Although there were white slaves existed in Europe and early America, the black slavery and its establishment in the society had brought crucial issues such as racial discrimination as well as gender discrimination. However, the existence of African slavery in American history has also encouraged and enlightened many women to support feminism and gender equality. Therefore, the extended explanation and summary of how a female African slave had to tolerate double oppression based on the two chapters in Howard Zinn’s book, A People’s History of the United States is presented below. Summary: The presence of slavery in 19th century had established a society in which people were oppressed severely based on race, gender and social class. Pushovers such as African slaves and women had encountered discrimination until acts of gender equality and racial equality had been regulated. Therefore, a female African slave in 19th century would face triple amount of assaults and oppression from white Americans. Because she experienced oppression from both gender of white and from opposite gender of her kind, the life of a female African slave had been deteriorated steadily. Some of the conditions that caused the rise in African slavery in America have also caused the oppression female African slaves were facing. As Howard Zinn has
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