A People's History of the United States, by Howard Zinn

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Zinn in his book “A People’s History of the United States,’’ handles various issues. Though the graphic novel adaptation does not cover all the details of the history of America, the author provides us with a critical view of the history of America where its leaders carry out actions independently and not for the benefit of the whole population. It also provides us with examples of atrocities that the American army committed around the world and the country’s commitment to democracy that led it to instruct its army to join the second Word War. The author therefore focuses on the positive and the negative aspect of American history in a captivating way through visual and dynamic production of historical records. Sex and gender inequality…show more content…
In addition, country decides to get into war with another nation not on the basis of seeking a solution to the inhabitant of that nation but for the sake of preaching its ideology to the world. Legal and social inequality Social inequality is a situation where some members of the society enjoy different amounts of wealth prestige and power. The society has placed its members in rankings through unequal economics rewards and power. American society like all other nations has had its systems of socially stratifying its inhabitants. This began from the era of slavery where there was legalized inequality and human ownership among other forms. Zinn portrays this inequality even up to the present where racism acts continue to occur as indicated by the various killings carried out by the police to the black young men with an excuse that they were caught in an act of crime. In the present society, the social class system has dominated the American society. The upper class includes those who are extremely wealthy and they are few, the upper-middle class includes those who have affluent professions like the doctors and lawyers. The other group is the lower-middle class which includes the nurses and small business owners among others with less affluent professions. The others are the working class where most people lie and finally the lower class who are mostly dependants. According to Zinn, American children become conscious of their social class through
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