A Perceptual Study Of Girls

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A Perceptual Study of Girls Purpose of the Study Education has a significant value for all students, boys and girls are valued as equal. This study is an insight on how girl’s education, economical status, and cultural are valued differently in South Kashmir, India. Girls are faced with several challenges and their education is inadequate, due to attendance rate, teacher shortage, and improper curriculum. The young ladies are faced with additional hardships at home; poor living condition and no monies. The enrollment population of girls are lower than boys. Education is supposed to be exposed to all students, but in some cases, it is not. (Ahmad Gul & Khan, 2015) Education has a deeper meaning for girls in different countries, because girls have to work extra hard for their education. They are confronted daily with gender issues, and girls become disadvantaged when the gender gets mix with other shortcoming like poverty, scheduled tribes, minorities, or disability. How people perceived education in these countries will impact the young ladies future. Girl’s education in India, especially in rural areas is one of the main concerns for all educators involved. Ahmad Gul and Khan stated “that educating a girl is equal to educate a whole family”, “but educate a man is equal to an individual, but educate a woman, you educate a nation”. The purpose of this study is to provide information, perception, and data on improvement of girl’s education in South Kashmir. (Ahmad Gul & Khan,
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